How do I create a new Project for each of my clients?

Agencies can use Nozzle effectively for all of their clients by creating separate Projects for each client within a single Workspace.

This will make it easy to see how each of your projects are performing and switch quickly between each project.

You can add as many projects as you like at no extra cost, but all keywords in your projects will apply to your workspace’s billing plan.


Check out the video for a quick overview of adding new Projects.

HubSpot Video


Do I need a new project?


Creating a new project is a simple process that follows a few steps.

  1. Click the Projects button at the top of the page. This will take you to your Workspace overview.
  2. Click the Add Project button near the top.

    create projects button

  3. Create a name in the Project Name field.

    new project

  4. This will automatically generate the Project Slug.
    1. You can click the Edit Slug button at this point to create your own, but we generally recommend using the auto generated slug.
  5. Click the green Create Project button.

Now you are ready to start tracking all of your new project’s SERP data by adding keywords, creating brands, managing keyword groups, and more.