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How do I add keywords?

You can add keywords and create keyword groups with just a few simple steps.

This page will cover each stop and help you optimize this process.

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1.  From the Projects page, click the Manage Keywords button or the settings cog on the target project.

2.  On the Keyword Manager page, select an existing Keyword Source or click the green +Add Keyword Source button.

A Keyword Source is simply a set of keywords that share a tracking schedule and keyword mode so you can stay organized across different strategies. 

If you are adding a new keyword source, a dropdown menu will appear where you can choose your preferred input method – Basic or Advanced.

add keywords 1

In most cases, the Basic Keywords mode should have you covered.

3.  Give the Keyword Source a descriptive name. 

4.  Click the +Add Keyword Phrases button.

     4a.  Alternatively, you can import your keywords from another source, such as Google Search Console. 

add keywords 2

5.  Type or paste all your keywords in the Add Keyword Phrases popup.  

add keywords 3

Keywords must be input one keyword per line


6.  Click the +Add Keyword Phrases at the bottom and all of your keywords will be placed in the Keyword Phrases table. 

Important Note: The keywords are not in the SYSTEM yet. Not until you click the Save Keywords button at the bottom of the screen.

Adding Keywords to Keyword Groups

You can assign all of these words and phrases to one or more keyword groups in the following ways:

Option 1, you can enter your keywords followed by a semicolon and then the name of the keyword group.

You can put the word into more than one keyword group at this time by using another semicolon and another keyword group name.

add keywords 4

Option 2, you can enter the group names in the Keyword Groups field in the popup. Every keyword you input in the Keyword Phrases field will automatically be assigned to the group or groups you enter here.

add keywords 5

You can add or remove phrases from your keyword groups once they’ve been put into the Keyword Phrases table.

add keywords 6

Complete the Keyword Source

  1. Choose the device you want to pull results for. Google serves different results to desktop and mobile users, so we can show you the results for both, or you can zero in on your preferred devices.
  2. Google serves different results to different locations so choose the locales and languages of your target market. One locale is usually enough for most users, but it is possible to add more if you want to track multiple locations.
  3. Choose the schedule to determine we pull your keyword data. The default setting is daily, but you can select from a range of options or set a custom start and end date for your pulls.

add keywords 7Remember to click the Save Keywords button before you leave the page.


add keywords 8

Now you are ready to track ALL your rankings for ALL your important keywords. It may take 20 to 30 minutes for your first data to appear.