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How do I create and edit keyword groups?

You can create and edit keyword groups on your keyword source page: just click the Teams tab in the top navigation bar and click on the Settings Cog next your team name, then select your desired keyword source.

    When adding keywords (after you've clicked the Add Phrases button), you can tag all the keywords you've pasted into the Phrases box to a keyword group by typing and selecting a keyword group in the Groups bar, right below the Phrases box.

    Tag Phrases to Groups when Adding

    Alternatively, type a semicolon, then a keyword group name after each keyword in the Phrases box. You can tag the same keyword to multiple keyword groups. For example, "keyword; Group Name" or "keyword; Group 1; Group 2".

    To create, edit, and manage keyword groups after adding keywords:

    1. Go to the Phrases and Groups tables.
    2. Use the icons and buttons to edit or remove phrases and keyword groups. In the Phrases table, you can select your desired phrases individually to do this.

    Edit Keyword Groups