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How do I create and edit keyword groups?

You can create and edit keyword groups on your keyword source page. To get there just click the Projects tab in the top navigation bar and click the Settings Cog or the Manage Keywords button near your project name, then select your desired keyword source.


    When adding keywords (after you've clicked the Add Phrases button), you can tag all the keywords you've pasted into the Phrases box to a keyword group by typing and selecting a keyword group in the Keyword Groups bar, right below the Phrases box.

    Newer - Tag Phrases to Groups when Adding

    Alternatively, type a semicolon, then a keyword group name after each keyword in the Phrases box. You can tag the same keyword to multiple keyword groups. For example, "keyword; Group Name" or "keyword; Group 1; Group 2".


    After adding keywords, use the Phrases and Keyword Groups tables to create, edit, and manage keyword groups.

    📑 The Phrases table offers options for adding keywords to keyword groups and removing them from keyword groups. 

    • To manage the keyword group(s) of a single phrase, click the edit icon next to a single phrase's keyword group name. From there, you can add that phrase to keyword groups by selecting from the dropdown, or by typing a name and selecting the Use "Name" option in the dropdown. You can remove that phrase from a keyword group by clicking the X right next to its name. Use the green check to finalize your changes or the red X to cancel.
    • To manage the keyword group(s) of multiple phrases, select the applicable phrases and use the buttons at the bottom of the table to add phrases to keyword groups (select from the dropdown, or type a name and select Use "Name") or remove them from keyword groups (select from the dropdown).

    Phrases Table - Add to or Remove from Keyword Group NEW

    Phrases Table - Edit Keyword Groups


    📑 The Keyword Groups table offers options for renaming, moving, and removing keyword groups.

    • To edit a single keyword group, use the buttons to its right. To rename it, use the Move/Rename button, type in your desired name, and select Use "Name" from the dropdown. To move a keyword group (combine it with another group), use the same button, then type in the other group's name and select Use "Name". To remove a keyword group, use the Remove Keyword Group button and select applicable group from the dropdown. The phrases tied to the keyword group will only be removed from the group, not deleted.
    • To edit multiple keyword groups, select the applicable ones and use the the buttons at the bottom of the table to move or remove keyword groups (the process is the same as above).

    Keyword Groups Table - Manage Keyword Groups