Why am I seeing “No Data Available”?

There are a few potential reasons why you may not be seeing data in your dashboards yet.

If you are looking at your Dashboards and seeing “No Data Available,” this could be the result of a few different issues, but here we’ll focus on the most likely culprit:

The domain (or any other properties you added to your Brand) does not rank in the top 100 for any of your keywords.

no data available

How can you be sure that is the case?

There is a simple way to check and make sure that the reason for the lack of data is a lack of rankings, rather than something going wrong behind the curtain.

In your Overview Dashboard, select Domain as your rollup. Then select “google.com” as the domain.

While you could choose any other domain here, selecting google.com is a safe bet because it will likely have rankings for very nearly every keyword one way or another.

If data populates in the charts for these settings, it means that the system is gathering data on your keywords. You can even confirm the rankings by clicking on any of the keywords in the keyword chart to see the SERP Snapshot that got pulled for that keyword.

Here’s what you can do about it:

  1. Build out your Brand.

In Nozzle, a Brand can be so much more than just a domain name. You can add a variety of properties to get a better idea of how you are performing in the SERPs.

If you include your social media properties, important guest post URLs, YouTube videos, and Google My Business profile (just for starters), this could impact what you see in your dashboards.

For example, your domain might not be ranking in the top 100 for your keywords, but it is possible that you are actually showing up in the Local results.

Most of the results in these packs will show your company name, but won’t actually contain your URL, so Nozzle won’t know that you have a result in this pack.

But it would know if you include your Google My Business ID.

Without properties like this in your Brand, though, it will continue to say No Data Available.

  1. Build up your rankings.

Really, the only other thing you can do about it at this point is to keep working on those rankings and try to get your Brand Properties to break into the top 100.