Why Don't I See Data in the Dashboards?

Here are some situations that might hinder the data from populating the dashboards.

Generally speaking, if the data isn't showing up in your dashboards, it still exists on the backend, there's just some interference along the way.

These are some of the most common situations that could cause this issue.

  1. Check your Brand setup. Do you have an "Owned" brand? The dashboards default to displaying data for any "Owned" Brand Types from the Rollup drop down. You can, however, still populate data for any Brand or Domain by changing the Rollup drop down to Brand or Domain.

  2. Is there a subdomain in the domain property? It needs to be a domain. You can use the subdomain property if you want to track a specific subdomain.

  3. Does the date range selected include dates where we have data? Make sure you haven't set the date range to a time before we started collecting data for your Project.

  4. If your site doesn't rank in the top 100 for any of the keywords you're tracking, it will not show data. If you change the Rollup drop down to Domain and see data for other domains, then this means that the data is in but your domain doesn't rank yet.