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Should I organize my keywords into projects, keyword sources, or keyword groups?

The difference between projects, keyword sources, and keyword groups in terms of organizing and tracking capability

Organizing your keywords effectively can make it easier to gather the data you need and get better insights into how your brand is doing online.

Keyword Groups

Keyword groups are the smallest containers for keywords and should be used like categories.

Use groups to organize keywords within your keyword source to get the most out of Nozzle. For example, if you are a pet store, you may want to make keyword groups for dog, cat, gerbil, etc. and collar, kennel, etc.

You can add a single keyword to multiple keyword groups and you will only be billed for pulling the data on that keyword once.

Options for analyzing keyword groups:

  • See your keywords groups compared with each other in chart form on any Nozzle dashboard.
  • Filter by keyword group using the Keyword Group dropdown on any dashboard. 
  • Analyze your keyword groups using the Performance by Keyword Group dashboard.

When you request a PAA Content Idea Report from Nozzle, you will need to use a single keyword source tracked daily and organize your keywords into keyword groups.

Keyword Sources

Keyword sources are larger containers for keywords.

You will only need to create different keyword sources when you have different keyword sets that you want to track on different schedules (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) or if you want to use different keyword modes.

You can filter by keyword source using the Keyword Group dropdown on any dashboard and further analyze them on the Performance by Keyword Group dashboard.

keyword source-1

It's easy to compare keywords from different keyword sources.


Projects are the largest containers for keywords and are meant for different projects, clients, or entities that you want separate from others.

You won't be able to compare data from different projects in the same table or chart in Nozzle, but it's easy to switch between projects by clicking on the project name next to the settings cog at the top of any dashboard.

Nozzle dashboards 3

You can also view summaries for all your projects on the Nozzle home screen. 

If you are an SEO agency, we recommend creating a separate project for each of your clients.

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