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Keyword Source Types

Learn about the different keyword source modes: Basic Keywords, City Generated Keywords, and Advanced/Excel

Nozzle offers four mode options when you create a keyword source. For most users, we suggest Basic Keywords mode on account of its simplicity and functionality. However, because some users require advanced capabilities, we provide advanced modes to meet their needs. Read on to learn about certain keyword source types.

Keep in mind that you must decide on a keyword source type before inputting your keywords.

🚨 Changing a keyword source type after adding keywords to that keyword source will result in the loss of your keywords and keyword groups.



Basic Keywords: This mode multiplies all of your phrases, locales, and devices together to produce a final set of keywords. For most keyword sources, this mode is sufficient.

Advanced/Excel: This mode allows you to manage your keywords manually via a granular Table and even by importing and exporting Excel files. It also includes support for multiple in-cell values using the ";" delimiter.

Template Generator: This mode is specifically tailored for generating geo-specific phrase combinations. It multiples phrases and devices against city-phrase templates to produce keywords that both include the city in the phrase and also originate from the city when searched.

Basic Keywords

The Basic Keywords mode allows you to add phrases and tie them to devices and locations. Your total number of keywords will be shown at the bottom of the page, along with the option to view a list of all your keywords. A single keyword consists of 1 phrase ✕ 1 device ✕ 1 location.

It's easy and very useful to organize your phrases into groups. You can add and edit your phrases and groups in the Phrases and Groups tables.

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The Advanced/Excel mode allows for more variable phrase-device-locale combinations, as well as importing keywords via Excel file.

Use the Add Keywords button in the Advanced Keywords table to add phrases and tag them to groups, devices, and locales. Once added, you can edit these in the Advanced Keywords and Groups | Devices | Locales tables.

Use the Import Keywords section to upload an Excel file and import your keywords. In order to upload an Excel file, it must be properly formatted. Download the template to become familiar with the required format.

Updated 2 Advanced-Excel Keyword Source Mode

Template Generator

The Template Generator mode is extremely useful for local SEO and tracking geo-specific phrases. It has all the features of Basic Keywords mode with the addition of location-related phrase templates. All your phrases will be multiplied by your selected templates, locales, and devices to build your final keyword list.

If you want to use this mode, input simple phrases (i.e., ones don't contain "near me", "in city", etc.) using the Add Phrases button in the Phrases table, then select which devices you want to track your keywords on. Pick a location to track all your phrases from, if desired. You'll be able to create more complicated location arrangements below, so this is optional as long as all your keywords are tied to a location in the end.

Scroll down to the City Templates section below. This section allows you to choose the cities ("base city locales") that you want to track keywords for. You may add or modify the phrase templates below to add "near me" and "in city" types of phrases and to track these phrases from your selected base city locales. If you decide not to track all of your keywords from a base city locale, you'll need to add a general locale above.

Keep in mind that tracking one phrase from a single locale on one device with the four default phrase templates will generate four distinct keywords (1 ✕ 1 ✕ 1 ✕ 4 = 4). Adding a second phrase, base city locale, overall locale, or device will double the amount of keywords generated.

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