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Keyword Input Modes

Learn about the different keyword input modes: Basic Keywords, Advanced Keywords, and Template Generator

Nozzle has three keyword mode options when you create a keyword source. In most cases, the Basic Keyword mode should have you covered. The Basic mode has the simplicity and functionality most users require.

However, some users do require a few extra capabilities, and the Advanced mode has some extra options to meet their needs.

Keep in mind that you must decide on a keyword source type before inputting your keywords.

🚨 If you change the keyword mode after adding keywords to that keyword source, it will result in the loss of your keywords and keyword groups unless you save your work first.

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Basic Keywords:  In this mode, all your keyword phrases will be combined with all the devices and locales you selected. For most keyword sources, this mode is sufficient. 

Advanced Keywords:  This mode allows you to manage your keywords manually at a more granular level. So, you can select unique combinations of device and locale for each individual keyword. 

Template Generator: 

This is in an alpha state but is mainly for local SEO projects because it generates geo-specific phrase combinations. You can add a list of keywords and have the tool add city modifiers or "near me" modifiers at the end of all the keywords.

Basic Keywords

The Basic Keywords mode allows you to add phrases into Nozzle to collect data on all of them for the same devices and locations.

A single keyword consists of 1 phrase ✕ 1 device ✕ 1 location.

Basic Keyword mode makes all this math easy. So, if you are tracking 100 phrases on 2 devices in 3 locations, your total tracked keywords would be 600.

If you set your schedule to pull this data daily, then you would be looking at 18,000 pulls each month.

Your Total Tracked Keywords will be shown at the bottom of the page, along with the option to view a list of all your keywords. 

You can easily organize your phrases into groups while in this mode by using the Keyword Phrases and Keyword Groups tables.

basic keywords entry mode

Advanced Keywords

The Advanced Keywords mode gives users the ability to use more variable phrase-device-locale combinations.

Click the Add Keywords button in the Advanced Keywords table to add phrases and separate them into the desired groups, devices, and locales.  

advanced keyword addd

Keep in mind, this mode is designed to let you get more granular with your data, so you can add 5 keywords and track them in 5 different locations on two devices, and then add 5 more keywords that you only track in one location and two devices.

advanced add keywords popup

This will take more time than the Basic Keywords mode, but it will let you be precise with your data collection.

Once added, you can edit these keywords in the Advanced Keywords, the Devices | Locales, and the Keyword Groups tables.

The Advanced Keywords mode also allows you to import your keywords by uploading an Excel file.

Click the Download Template button to make sure your Excel file is formatted in the correct way, and then drop your file in the Import Keywords space or click on it to upload from your computer.

import excel

Template Generator

The Template Generator mode is extremely useful for local SEO and tracking geo-specific phrases.

It has all the features of Basic Keywords mode with the addition of location-related phrase templates. In other words, all your phrases will be multiplied by your selected templates, locales, and devices to build your final keyword list.

In this mode, you can input simple phrases (i.e., ones that don't contain "near me", "in city", etc.) using the Add Keyword Phrases button in the Keyword Phrases table, then select which devices and locales you want to track your keywords on.

template generator

You'll be able to create more complicated location arrangements below, so adding the location now is actually optional as long as all your keywords are tied to a location in the end.

Scroll down to the City Templates section.

city template

This section allows you to choose the cities ("Base City Locales") that you want to track keywords for.

You may add or modify the Phrase Templates below to add "near me" and "in city" types of phrases and to track these phrases from your selected base city locales.

If you decide not to track all of your keywords from a base city locale, you'll need to add a general locale above.

Keep in mind that tracking one phrase from a single locale on one device with the four default phrase templates will generate four distinct keywords (1 ✕ 1 ✕ 1 ✕ 4 = 4). Adding a second phrase, base city locale, overall locale, or device will double the number of keywords generated.

Now you are ready to choose and use the most optimal method for getting your keywords into Nozzle so you can quickly access all the data you need.