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Should I create a separate Brand for my YouTube videos?

You might find this is the best way to track the impact of your video content on the SERPs.

Nozzle allows you to track all your online assets by including them in your Owned Brand.

However, you may find that creating another Owned Brand just for your YouTube videos can be an effective way to see how your video content is impacting the SERPs for your keywords.

When you create a brand that only has YouTube properties – whether that’s specific videos or your YouTube channel – it provides a couple of important benefits.

  • Convenience. You can simply choose that Brand or Brand Property in the rollup, and the Keyword Table will just show how your videos are doing.
  • Clarity. You can easily see how your videos rank on their own.

If you mix your videos in with a brand that has a website, chances are your domain is going to rank higher than your videos for your keywords. By default, Nozzle only shows the top-ranking URL in the results, which can make it difficult to get a read on your videos in the SERPs, even if they’re ranking just a step or two below your domain.

Of course, you can always do both. Add them into your primary domain if you like (because sometimes a video might rank higher than your domain), but try making a Brand just for your YouTube videos and start actively tracking your video marketing campaigns.