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Do I need hourly rank tracking?

Nozzle allows you to track your rankings on an hourly basis. But is that something you really need?

Hourly rank tracking is possible in Nozzle.

However, it isn’t something that most users will need very often.

Your plan allows for a certain number of SERPs every month. The Advanced plan, for example, includes 21,000 SERPs.

If you’re tracking 1,000 keywords hourly, you’ll run out of your allotted SERPs in less than a day.

So, obviously, if that is your situation, hourly rank tracking isn’t exactly what you want.

Or is it?

Nozzle allows you to control your scheduling so that you can set up your Keyword Source to track on a daily or weekly basis and then set a specific time in which you can track your keywords hourly.

This will ensure that you stay within your allotted SERPs while still giving you a few more tracking options during important times.

When is Hourly Tracking a Good Idea?

You may need hourly tracking if you need a lot of data during specific time periods or special events, such as:

  • Black Friday
  • Amazon Prime Day
  • Seasonal spikes
  • Product launches

You may also require hourly tracking if you are dealing with:

  • Time-sensitive content
  • Highly volatile keywords
  • Differentiating between business hours and off-hours
  • Core Google algorithm updates

Nozzle let’s you set up a schedule to begin tracking hourly on those specific dates so you can get extremely granular data on how you are performing every hour on the hour.

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