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How do I set the tracking schedule?

This is how you select how often we pull the SERPs for your keywords.

You can set the tracking schedule for your keywords on your keyword source page:

From your Projects Overview (which you can always reach by clicking the Projects button in the top navigation bar), click the Settings Cog near the project name or the Manage Keywords for that project, then select the keyword source you wish to modify or create a new one.

getstarted 2

On this page, you will see the Schedules section in the right column .

new set schedule

Click +Add Schedule to select your desired schedule, i.e., choose how often you want your keywords monitored: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

The default is daily, but you can choose from a wide variety of schedules.

All Built-In Scheduling Options

Be sure to delete any schedules that you do not want to keep. For example, if you select a monthly schedule, be sure to delete the Daily schedule from this source.

If you want to add a custom start or end date, check the appropriate option and select the desired dates.

schedules 2

Click the green Save Keywords button.

Now your keywords are being monitored on the tracking schedule you set.