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How to check out and manage your subscription.

The steps to-check out and to manage your subscription, including opting into overages.

How to Check Out

In the Billing Settings page the “Overview” tab shows a history of your total keyword usage by project. “Invoices” tab will show the invoices. “Billing Details” is where you will add the billing information.

How to Manage Subscription

Click on the “Manage Subscription” tab.


1. Choose Your Plan

Choose to either pay monthly or annually. Choose the plan that will meet your needs. Click on the “View Calculator” button to get a recommendation as to which plan you’ll need based on the number of keywords, locations, and devices.

Click continue.


2. Set Max Overages

You can opt in to pay for overages, whether it is by keyword pull or the spending limit beyond that which your plan provides. You can calculate what you’ll receive and the cost by adding an amount in either field.

Select the amount you are willing to pay each month in overages. 

If you don’t want to allow any overages, leave the fields at 0. 

Click continue.


3. Payment Method

Click on “Add Card” and enter your card information. 

Click continue.

4. Review and Confirm

Review that your information and selections are correct. Confirm and get ready to blast off with data!