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How do I find my Google My Business ID/CID?

You can easily track your Google My Business listing in Nozzle.

In order to add your GMB listing to a Brand in Nozzle, you will need to find your GMB ID/CID and enter it into the right field.

This is how you do it:

From GMB Dashboard:

  • Open your Google My Business profile in your dashboard
  • Find the “View on Maps” option and right click it
  • Copy the link address
  • Paste the address in your browser’s address bar
  • Your CID number appears after the “cid=” in the address
  • Copy that number and paste it in the field on your Brand configuration
  • Click Save Brand

From Google Maps:

  • Search for your business in Google and click on the Map associated with your result
  • Right click on the left panel (where your business information is displayed) and select “View page source”
  • This page will be filled with a whole lot of code we don’t need, and one bit we do
  • Press CTRL + F then search for the source code “ludocid

Your CID account number will be right after the source code “ludocid\\u003d”.


Note: this method is particularly effective when you want to find a competitor’s CID so you can keep track of what they’re doing in the local scene. (Learn more about tracking your competitors.)