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How do I track my competitors' brands?

You can create a complete brand for all your competitors to track their performance in the search engines.

You can closely monitor your competitors by creating a separate brand for each of them.

First go to the Keyword Manager by clicking on the Projects tab in the top navigation bar, then click on the Settings Cog or the Manage Keywords button near your project's name.

Next, select the Brands tab and click the green Add Brand button.

    Updated Brands Tab


    Then, type in your competitor's domain name and click the green Search button.

    This will generate a list of potential brand properties related to that domain. This will often include things like their domain, their LinkedIn, their Twitter, and more.

    Select which ones you would like to track, then click the green Add Properties button.

    competitor brand

    This will take you to the Brands page where you can change the name of the brand and change the Brand Type to a Direct or Indirect Competitor.

    competitor brand 3

    It's important to set this brand as a competitor so you can easily select a specific competitor or all your competition in any of your Nozzle dashboards and keep track of their online performance.

    You can manually add more properties using the Add Custom Property buttons. You can even add specific URLs or a variety of other properties by using the Add Property button.

    competitor brand 2

    ⚠️ Don't forget to click the green Save Brand button!


    Now, you can view the ranking data for your competitors' brands compared to yours by selecting Brand in the Rollup dropdown on any dashboard. Or you can view them all by selecting Brand Type and then specifying the Competitor (direct or indirect) type. 

    View brand tracking data