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How do I delete a Project?

When it’s time to clean up your Workspace, this is how to do it.

This is the process for deleting a Project from your Workspace.

Starting on the Projects page:

  1. Click Manage Keywords or the settings cog next to the project name.
    getstarted 2
  2. Click the Project Info button in the bar above the Keyword Sources.
    project slug 2
  3. Click Remove Project and then confirm this is what you want to do in the popup.
    delete project 3

Before You Delete…

Once a project is gone, it’s gone.

So, alternatively, you could just delete the schedule rather than the entire project.

delete project 4

This will stop the system from scanning those SERPs – so you can use your SERPs on new or other projects – but everything you have set up will remain. You can come back and start it up again by giving it a new schedule.

Of course, if you’re simply done with that Project/Client, delete away.