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How do I delete a Project?

When it’s time to clean up your Workspace, this is how to do it.

This is the process for deleting a Project from your Workspace.

Starting on the Projects page:

  1. Click the Manage dropdown in the project card.
  2. Click the Project Info button in the bar above the Keyword Sources.
  3. Click Remove Project and then confirm this is what you want to do in the popup.
    delete project 3

Before You Delete…

Once a project is gone, it’s gone.

So, alternatively, you could just delete the schedule rather than the entire project.

delete project 4

This will stop the system from scanning those SERPs – so you can use your SERPs on new or other projects – but everything you have set up will remain. You can come back and start it up again by giving it a new schedule.

Of course, if you’re simply done with that Project/Client, delete away.