Your PAA Content Idea Report and How to Use It

Let’s put all that data to good use.

Your PAA Content Idea Report comes with a number of tools that help you explore the data and determine what people really want to know.

Check out this video to get started.

There are 3 pages in this report:

Page 1:

  • This is where you’ll see a list of all the questions that are served up in PAAs and how many times they appeared in the SERPs for your keywords.
  • You can focus on the questions that have the highest number of SERP appearances – since those are obviously important questions – but you can drill down even further to get some insights into your customers’ real search intent.
  • Use the filters on the side to find the questions that are related to your current marketing focus.
  • You can also filter by keyword groups.
  • Change the timeframe to find out what people are asking this month, this year, or any other period of time (for which you have been tracking these keywords).

Page 2:

  • This page has the same options to filter the questions you see, but now you can click on any of the questions and see the keyword phrases that you’re tracking that served up the question in the SERP.
  • You can also see the URLs for the tracked phrases that triggered that question.
  • This will also show you the rankings for those keywords, which is an effective way to determine where on your website you might want to provide an answer for that question.

Page 3:

  • This is where you will see the percentage of SERPs that have a PAA result.
  • Is it worth your effort to try and get into a PAA? If Google delivers a PAA 15% of the time for a given keyword, you may be better off focusing your efforts on keywords that trigger a PAA 75% of the time.