Why Can't I Log In?

Here are some reasons that you may not be able to log in.

  1. There is no password option for Nozzle currently. If you sign in with email, then you get a magic link sent to you that you click on to get in. If the initial email used during the sign in with email process is a Google account, you can simply use the log in with Google option going forward.
    1. You can also invite another email of yours that is a Google account as a User and just login with that one going forward.
  2. You may have an adblocker, maybe on your internet connection, that isn't allowing the login connection via Google Firebase. A decent number of VPN's turn on adblockers by default. You'll need to pause it or turn it off when using Nozzle. Test accessing Nozzle on a mobile device that isn't connected to WIFI. If you can log in this way, then an adblocker is the issue.
  3. Google may be denying you access. Go to https://accounts.google.com/ separately from the Nozzle login page to make sure you can access your Google account.
  4. You may have more than one email and not using the one that you did to authenticate the first time you accepted the invite to the workspace.
  5. Did you create two workspaces on accident? If so, maybe you are logged into the wrong workspace. Here's how to switch between workspaces.