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Why are there so many “duplicate” clusters?

You may have seen a lot of clusters with the same name. This is why.

Even though you may notice a number of keyword clusters with the same name, they are, in fact, different on the inside.

When Nozzle generates a keyword cluster, the keyword with the highest search volume is promoted to be the cluster name.

However, those clusters can have different shared URLs and a different number of keywords.

cluster names

You can explore each cluster further and see that the cluster metrics are also different.

Coming Soon

We understand that if you have a lot of keywords in your project, the sheer number of clusters with the same name can start to be overwhelming.

We are actively working on the Topics feature of this tool. This will pull together the clusters that are very similar and give users another way to dive into their data.

coming soon

Be sure to check out the complete overview of topic clusters to learn more about putting this tool to use.