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What are Overages?

Sometimes you need more SERPs than your current plan allows. This is how you get them.

Nozzle offers a variety of different pricing plans, and each one provides a different number of SERPs each month and specifies the overage pricing at that level.

overages 2

If you exceed your plan’s monthly limit, overages will be accrued, and you will be charged for them in arrears.

This can be very useful

Overages are a great way to get the extra SERPs you need in a month without upgrading to a higher plan.

Each plan has different overage pricing, and you can use these prices to your advantage.

The Basic Plan, for example, starts at $49 and covers up to 10k SERPs each month. But say you actually need around 14k pulls each month.

In this case, the overage pricing – which is $5.88 per 1,000 SERPs – means you can get those SERPs for an extra $24 a month. This will bring you to $73 for the month, which is still lower than switching up to the $99 Advanced plan.

Now, you can start using overages to get the data you need while staying firmly within your budget.