How does Nozzle calculate CTR?

We look at everything to determine the clickthrough rate metric.

Nozzle uses a very robust system to calculate your clickthrough rate. 

We determine a projected CTR based on each individual SERP, which is broken down by each element on the page. The following process shows how we generate this metric:

  1. We look at several up-to-date CTR studies to create a solid CTR curve that we can use as the foundation for both branded and non-branded keywords
  2. We examine the individual SERP for each keyword to determine the number of columns and if there are ads sections or zero-click features like dictionary results or direct answers.
  3. Each portion of the SERP that we discover is assigned a portion of the overall page clicks.
  4. Every result is weighed differently, based on size/pixel coverage.
  5. A clickthrough percentage is assigned to every link on the page, including sitelinks and extra buttons.
  6. A result may be weighted more depending on their position within a pack – e.g., the top result of a People Also Ask box is far more likely to get clicked than one at the bottom.

All of these calculations are summed up and normalized so that each clickable item on that SERP is given a realistic CTR.