How do I export data from the Dashboard?

How to export the data for any chart or table from any dashboard.

To export the data for any chart or table from any dashboard, click on the gear in the top right corner of the specified chart/table you want to export. This will bring up several options, including a button called “Export Query''.

Click to button to open up this modal:

There are several fields here that will allow you to specify the data you want in your export.


Samples Field

  • Latest Data” will deliver the ranking data for the latest date only. The comparison columns will show data comparing the first date in the date range to the last date.
  • All Data” will show your ranking data for each day in the date range, which will generate a lot more rows of data.

Rollup Field

Known bug: If you change this to be different than what it was on the page before clicking export query, the export won’t generate.

Make sure that you have selected your preferred Rollup on your dashboard before you click the Export Query button.

Keyword Groups Field

Specify the keyword group you want to see.

Segments Field

Choose the segment if you are looking for that specific data.

Columns to Export Field

The “Default” and “All Data” functions are the same. This will give you all of the columns of data that we have. You can specify some other elements, though, such as:

  • Basic Ranking Data” will show you the main data points that most people look for (i.e Keyword, Ranking URL, Ranking Position, Search Volume).
  • All Main Metrics” is everything from “Basic Ranking Data” plus Nozzle’s additional data (i.e. Pixels From Top, Above the Fold %, SERP %). 
  • Local” will be any column of data specific for local ranking.
  • Title Tags” exports the title text along with the basic ranking data.