How do I access my data in BigQuery?

If you would prefer to see your data in BigQuery, this is how you do it.

You'll need to know your Workspace and Project slug to access your data in BigQuery,.

Then, contact Nozzle (either through the contact form or using the support chat within the app) and request access to BigQuery. 

Simply provide the email address you'd like to connect to BigQuery, along with your Workspace and Project slug, and we will add you to the system.

Then, you can follow these steps:

BigQuery Customer Dataset

  1. Navigate to BigQuery with a personal/company Google Cloud project. (Quickstart)

    This uses your Google account info, so if your personal account is logged in by default, you may need to switch to your company account in the top right.

  2. If you see nozzledata listed as a project in the left menu, you can click the down arrow to expand it and see all the Nozzle datasets that you have BigQuery access to. If you have multiple projects, you should see one BigQuery dataset per project, in this format:
    {workspace_slug}_{project slug}

    e.g. democompany_agency
  3. If you don't see the nozzledata project, you'll need to pin it
    1. Click Add Data -> Pin a project -> Enter project name
    2. Type nozzledata into the prompt, and it should then appear in the left menu
  4. If you have access to many projects, you can type the Workspace or Project slug into the search menu and hit enter to filter the datasets.